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Coco Chat and OmeTV, is a video chat app and website that allows you to video chat to strangers, is called OmeTV. You can talk to anyone you like with the click of a button. It is claimed to be the best alternative for Omegle TV. You can download the OmeTv app for iOS and Android.

OmeTv offers many options for you to have fun, no matter what time of day or night. OmeTv has approximately 10 million registered users. These people can be contacted by you. You can also choose from millions of people through the platform.

They exist solely to help people connect with more people. People can enjoy coffee at home, or share their feelings with others. You will never feel lonely with this app. You can make new friends with this app.

OmeTV Age Limit – If there’s a limit it should always be followed

The app’s most troubling aspect is the fact that it states that users must be at least 18 years old, but no verification is done. The app was used by many teens below the age of 18.

OmeTv, like Chatrandom doesn’t require you to create an account; simply sign in via Facebook and start chatting with random strangers.

What Will Get You Banned

There are many restrictions to the app. You can be banned for performing any of the below actions.

Asking for virtual sex and nudity
Displaying offensive images and videos
Disrespectful activities like vulgarity, slurs against religion or race, depressive comments, etc.
Spamming is prohibited. You are prohibited from sharing links to other websites through the app.

Terms and Conditions

OmeTv clearly stated that you can use your video wherever they want. You can retain copyright, but you have no control over the stream of your videos.

OmeTv does not accept liability. It states that the users are responsible for any problems that may arise.

Privacy policy

The company is committed protecting your privacy and respecting your rights to privacy. Privacy is a fundamental human right. This right is easily violated and can lead to many problems. OmeTv has developed this strategy from the beginning to avoid such problems.

As long as they are the data controller, the website is responsible for your data processing. When creating a profile via social media, they may require basic information like your name, profile picture, phone number, address and time zone.

This website is not designed to access or obtain any other information than the above. It is done to improve your user experience.

The following may have access to your personal information:

It is a dating app so your personal information, such as your name and gender, location and public images, may be visible to other users.

Your personal data and information may be shared with insurance companies by the website. These data could also be shared with professional advisors and banks to manage costs and cover insurance amounts.

The website’s payment providers, such as Google, PayPal and SecurionPay will have access to your transaction data.

Other Problems

The app has some problematic features. The app has a spy mode that allows third parties to listen in on private conversations. Spycam poses a serious threat to privacy. Spycams are anonymous and can bring out the worst of people. It can even be used for blackmail.

A few dozen moderators also check the content. These moderators aren’t enough to determine if traffic exceeding 10 million is safe. Dating sites benefit from more traffic. It can be difficult to manage this traffic. Because there is not much control, hackers and criminals could also access the platform.

Website appears to have no restrictions for 18+. The website has been used by many teens under 18 years of age. All of them are exposed to the outside world. They can be exposed to danger as children are easy to manipulate at this age.

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot users have reported that they were banned for their actions. They also ask for donations to remove you from the ban. This reveals the dubious nature of the company.

There is always more to the story. To find out more, you can visit the website.
Procedure for Complaint

You’re not alone!

OmeTv offers a safe space for all. You can report any problems to OmeTv officials. OmeTv has this feature to help people feel secure.

Any user you feel is violating the platform’s roles can be made a complaint. You can attach screenshots from the chat as well as other relevant information to your complaint to make it more persuasive. This will make it easier for authorities find the problem and to resolve it.

The website will ban any user from accessing its services if they receive too many complaints. This is done to protect other users. Before you take any serious steps, make sure everything is thoroughly analyzed.
It’s your choice.

Our belief is that privacy of users should be given top priority. It should at the very least be respected

OmeTv seems unwilling to do this. Their privacy policy states that they are able to share your data with third parties. It is not possible to compromise your data. It is best to avoid this.

You can instead use Coco chat. This is a more reliable and secure online chatroom. It allows you to meet new people and have a chat with them. Coco chat protects and secures your data, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.


This website has many concerns. These apps should be screened by Google Play as well as the App Store. Apps that don’t validate age correctly and lack parental control should not be allowed to be added to their platforms.

Their credibility may be enhanced by improving their privacy policies. There are safer alternatives on the market for now.

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