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The Art of Sexy Chat

Every relationship has its parts. We’ve all been there. Here’s the problem: It is something that almost everyone has a problem with. A huge problem! How do you start a sexy chat conversation with a girl, or a man via your iPhone or Android on Coco Chat? Without looking like a complete pervert?!

Did you ever feel awkward starting a random video call sexual conversation via text messages? Do you ever feel awkward when your partner asks you to write something sexy? Don’t worry.

How to send sexy texts to someone?

It’s like kissing or having sex with someone for the first time. You’re anxious and stressed about it.

What if it wasn’t as difficult as you think? Imagine if you could just drop a line in a text and you’d be sexually excited and horny five minutes later.

Use sexy texts to seduce someone you love

First, these are the two things you should know if you’re looking to seduce a friend, lover or new partner, or to get started with text messaging.

They will guide you through every step, from the first text to initiate a conversation with your partner, to the final texts to send once they are turned on.

Once you have mastered the art and skill of sending sexy messages to girls or guys using the links above, continue reading.

It should be easy to send a sexy message to someone you love. You can say whatever you want, as long as it’s sexy.

Before you start texting sex

You can text a naughty message like “I want to you now… come and f**k with me!” This works and gets the message through. It has a big drawback, especially if the two of you haven’t been sexting often.

Your text loses its sensuality if it sounds too sexual or if you use sexy language without any subtlety. It’s almost like watching porn every single day. Yeah, it’s exciting. It’s exciting, but it ends too quickly and doesn’t awaken you slowly enough to make you lose your mind.

It’s too direct to send a sexually explicit text that shouts “f**k you” It’s not as exciting as it looks, but it’s boring because it leaves nothing to surprise.

It’s possible that your partner will read it and smile, or just be sexy because you started a conversation. They won’t feel any buzz, and most likely, they aren’t even on the alert.

Shocking sexual sentences are not always effective, let’s face it. These are fun but cut down on the suspense so you can get to the end.

In a real world, how many times could you ask your lover for everything? Just because you are naked and horny!

You need to be respectful of your partner if you want to have sexy text conversations. It’s important to not excite your partner quickly and to make them feel part of the sexual buildup. The best way to get into sexy text conversations is to take it slow and make sure you are not overwhelming the person.

How to initiate a sexy chat conversation.

If you have been sexting, go ahead and send each other the most playful text messages to keep it hot.

If you want to keep it subtle and only take one step at a given time, be discrete. You can excite your partner by sending the right texts.

Your sexy chat messages should be flirtatious and not too mysterious. This makes it more fun to exchange texts with your partner because they won’t know what you’re thinking. Although they may be aware that you are flirting, they would not know that you are planning to indulge in sexting.

They’ll think they’re building the sexual texts through the right questions. But in reality, it’s you who will actually start the whole sexy thing by saying the perfect opening line!

It doesn’t matter if you initiate the conversation. All you have to do is to slip one of these lines in the conversation and watch the conversation take off.

Are you ready for some sexy text messages? Use these subtle, sexy text messages to text and just go with it. Remember to be sexy and speak sexy.

Also make sure that you use the safest chat on the video chat market which is Coco Chat.

5 Star Rating for Sexy Chat

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