Un día en la vida de una chica webcam

Un día en la vida de una chica webcam

As part of the explosion in online pornography, webcam girls and webcam models were born. Pre-recorded video clips are free and readily available for anyone who has internet access. Cam girls however offer a more personal experience for those willing to pay.

Webcam models broadcast videos live online and engage with clients or users who pay to chat.

Chatting with a girl cam may be a good way to start a conversation, but if you want to chat privately with a model, it is possible to pay more for a session or “show”.

They are paid by the minute and can earn up to PS100 an hr.

Many of these people work from home, and many of them are employed by agencies that take a cut.

Clients may ask them to perform sexual or erotic act by cam girls. This niche experience can be financial domination, as well as the “girlfriend Experience” for the highest earners.

People don’t often know the secrets of webcam girls.

Coco Chat was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with a webcam-model who lives in West London. We asked her a series questions that we believed people would be most curious to know the answers.

Hammersmith resident at 34 years old, who requested anonymity, said that she quit her job of secretary to become full-time cam girl almost half a dozen years ago.

Averagely she earns PS300 per week, and she works between 7am and 10am.

What description would you give of your job to a girl who doesn’t know anything about cam girls?

I would describe it as a webcam-model. I would say it’s paid per minute modelling and live online performance in what we would call “calls” or “shows”.

What are the typical calls and shows?

It all depends on the person and how long we have been talking. I also need to establish a connection. I will “play”, with some of them.

Some girls have a career that is focused on “playing”, because that’s all they offer. It is not just about performing sexual acts.

Clients are seen through a camera. Since most people want to remain anonymous, only a few clients will request that you open the camera to see them. It is very rare that I will open the camera to see the person or their actions on the other side.

They can see me. But I can only see them when they ask me to open their camera. I would not allow it to be opened without their consent.

I only do the things I like and find myself comfortable with. I would indulge in sexual conversations and tease. I wouldn’t be comfortable with performing sexual acts on-screen… it’s just my thing.

My clients most often come to me looking for someone to talk with, to express their sexual desires, or to discuss things that are not part of their normal lives.

Many of the guys I speak to are bisexuals who have no other choice. My business has been built around the things that I enjoy, so I make money from building relationships online and not performing sexual acts.

How did your journey to becoming a Cam Girl begin?

It was a friend of mine who did it. She kept pushing me about it, saying that “the money’s really nice”. After six months of backs and forth, I finally caved and gave it a shot.

I made my monthly income in the first day after I gave it a go.

I was working as a secretary in that job. I continued the work for six months until I quit and became full-time a cam girl.

Do you own an “office?”

It can all be done from your own home. It is private, and no one would be able to see what you’re doing.

What’s the pay like for you?

Self-employed people get paid either weekly (or daily) which is great. Also, you don’t need to wait on a monthly paycheck which is incredible. Money is automatically transferred to your account.

I try to work minimum four hours per week. August is quieter because many people are on holiday. But on a normal week it could be around PS300 per days. And you don’t need to do much.

Are your client interactions always sexual?

I think 100% of the people I know would love it to involve sexuality. However, I can offer a less sexual “girlfriend” experience so that they can increase their chances to get involved.

Sometimes, we just end up talking about netflix. I am more open to talking to people and they often want to discuss their lives with me or get your opinion.

A lot of times, they will end up talking to me about how their relationship is and how they have never had sexual contact with the person they are seeing.

What is the average day at work?

I get up in the morning, go to work and then head to the gym. Then, I try to get online by 7am. I like finishing work at 10am. If I don’t have enough PS300 I won’t be able to clock in.

I choose the rate I will pay based on how my customers use the internet. Right now it’s quiet so I’ll drop my rate down. It currently costs PS1.69 per hour for a group chat, and PS2.99 to chat privately.

A typical day usually ends at 10am. However, depending on how much time someone wants to stranger chat, it can continue until 3pm.

Even though some girls work late at night, there are still more girls who do so it makes it more competitive. It’s why I prefer working in the morning, so I can get the job done early and then have the rest free.

What are the best aspects of your job?

My favourite part is without doubt the really easy cash – it’s the best.

And the other girls. I really love the other women I work alongside and who are part of this WhatsApp group. It’s almost like we’re all family even though we have never met. You just develop a relationship and friendship with people that is just wonderful.

It feels like you always have someone to talk too. However, you might get hounded and ridiculed.

You also have the people who are having affairs while knowing that their partners are watching.

Although it’s difficult to listen from their perspective, it can be very discouraging for men.

How can you keep yourself safe from abusive and difficult users?

I have to admit that I’ve never seen anyone abusive. It happens in the free chat rooms. I don’t go into them. If someone wants to talk with me, they have the option to pay.

We are the ones in charge of every chat room, so we decide if someone can access it.

It’s up to us to decide how far we will take something. You can also just quit a conversation if it’s not going your way.

You kick the guy and he’s out.

Our agency posts us in locations that are different from where we live. This means that even though I live west London, my cam is actually set up in Scotland. It also means I won’t be able to meet the people I speak with online.

What is the role and function of agencies?

Off the Record is the agency that I have signed up. We use very complicated websites. It can be difficult for a new girl to grasp these sites, even though she is computer savvy.

You should talk to the agency before you start. They will help you understand and assist you with technical issues.

They make sure you have IT help and someone to talk and guide you, so that you don’t feel alone.

We don’t have a contract. All of us are independent contractors. Agencies also take a cut on what we earn. My agency takes 3.3% of my earnings.

How much your agency takes is dependent on how old the person. The more experienced they are, the less they will take.

Agencies will train you, help you, and pay you. They also have a WhatsApp group with all 60 of their female employees, which is fantastic because it’s just like a small club.

Does your job make dating difficult?

I have a boyfriend. He is the one person who I’m most open with about what my actions are.

He is fine with it, but it can cause some problems. However, money is the biggest selling point.

If I was not making the money I made and was still earning it, then it would be a huge problem as it would mean that I am doing it for some other reason. It is providing us with a foundation for our lives because of the wealth. That’s the important thing.

Do you want to give up one day?

I don’t plan on stopping, but it is addictive. It’s addictive as soon as you start, and the numbers keep increasing, it’s almost like playing a game.

It can become an addiction to watch the money you make increase, and you feel a rush like you have never felt before.

It’s possible to do it at any age. Women have done this well into their seventies. Maybe to mentor younger girls.

Do your parents know what you do for living?

No, they don’t. They certainly wouldn’t.

I would like to be more transparent with my family, but that is just not possible.

I’m not always able to tell the whole truth about many people. I tell new people that I’m a secretary when they meet me. There are so many judgmental people.

When I need to fill out official forms, I just use the online model. Nobody asks questions. My accountant knows exactly what I do, so no problem. Because I don’t tell them all the story, nobody has ever said anything.

What do you consider to be a successful webcam girl?

Find your niche. For me, it’s the “girlfriend encounter”. I feel like an online relationship, a relationship counselor, if that’s your thing.

There are many girls who offer financial domination, humiliation, fandom and other sexy offers.

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